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The world is changing. So are businesses. Our simplified solutions gives your business the adaptability they need to remain productive. If you want to put the power of Apple to work for your business, we are here to make it simple.

Solutions & Services


Hosted Services

We deliver a combination of hosting functions such as infrastructure, software, security, monitoring and storage. our wide range of hosted applications will have you covered.


Renting & Leasing

Lots to own. less to spend. many companies prefer to lease equipment rather than buy. we provide cost-effective and affordable solutions for upgrading or leasing options to your existing technologies


Trade-In Options

Think it. think ICS. it is very important to keep yourself up to date technologically to gain competitive advantage. we buy back your old devices irrespective of its age against a purchase of new equipment. we will get you a ics gift voucher, and it can be used to buy any product from any of our branches.


Pre-Sales Consulting

Contact ics to get started today! with ics, we can help build the perfect system to suit your product needs, configuration, provision, and deploy it in your organisation. we will ensure a smooth transition and adaptation through training.


Wifi Management & Optimisation

Transforming businesses through ultra fast wifi and networking solutions. ics is a leading provider of internet & wifi management solutions, our services includes network design, deployment, installation and support together with infrastructure service and maintenance.


Mac & Windows Integration

Specialising in apple b2b integration in cross-platform environments. as an apple authorised reseller, microsoft accredited and more, we can help you integrate macs and ipad with windows pcs - whether you use apple technology in a predominantly windows environment or run dedicated servers per platform. we can deploy windows or linux virtual environments on your mac desktop or server.



Office 365

The backbone of the modern office, allowing you to safely and securely shift your business off-site through email hosting, storage and file sharing (up to 1TB). Microsoft Teams delivers secure video conferencing for up to 250 participants, enabling you to communicate  effectively around the clock. Office 365 makes connecting and collaborating easy, with chats, meetings and files combined in a single location. All kept safe and secure by MS Exchange online protection. 


Cloud Servers

Bring down your operating costs and increase your efficiency by
removing the need for on-site server infrastructure. This saves you time and money on maintenance problems. Our remote server package allows remote desktop access and improved data security. Most importantly, our cloud servers offer the competitive advantage of speed, allowing your business to be agile, responding to the market quickly.



Hosting Reliability is key in business, especially when it comes to accessing your online resources. Our hosting packages allow you to store, retrieve and distribute data from anywhere with an internet connection. Keep your business moving forward with an unbroken online presence.


Cloud Security

We offer off-site cloud storage and backups, ensuring your business will survive any catastrophe, while offering security against hackers. This
includes both network security and firewall defences. Let us optimise your IT and infrastructure expenses, pre-empting avoidable disasters.

Software & Hardware



Accurip Software

Approved Ubiquity, TP Link And Mikrotik Resellers

Mobi POS

Lacie And OWC Resellers

Windows And Mac Server Integration

Approved Apple, Dell, Lenovo Supplier

Adobe Educational Resellers

Wacom And Xencelabs Resellers

Archicad Resellers

Backup Smart Power Solutions (EcoFlow, APC, RCT )

Authorised Microsoft Partners

Customised MTN Business Solutions

Cloud Solutions (Acronis, DropSuite And MimeCast)

Home Automation

STEM And SWIFT Solutions


App development, deployment and Maintenance

Web hosting, Fibre and Voip And PBX Management Systems

Custom Services


In House Repair Centre

Unique Trade-in Programme including ANY Mac or iPad irrespective of its Age

Specialised CallOut Delivery Services

Free 1 Hour Professional Support with a purchase of a New Apple Product


Apple Device Enrolment Partner

Parent Call Centre

Specialised Educational Training Partners ( Keyline And New Generation Skills )

Device Rental Scheme

Tailor Made Service Level Agreements

Professional Support including networking Infrastructure And Customised Solutions

ICS Financing Solutions

Courtesy of a Loan equipment when:

Specialised Upgrading Solutions And After Sales Support And Maintenance

Professional Learning and Campus solutions

Technical Planning, Integration and Deployment strategies.

Processing Warranty Claims 

Approved Apple, Dell, Lenovo Supplier

Client Usage for special Occasions

Customised Media Service Solutions

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