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Built for life on the road, this compact portable speaker offers 20+ hours of playtime.
Weighing only 1.4 kg, Stockwell II packs a solid punch despite its pint-sized frame.
Utilising Blumlein Stereo Sound construction, this speaker provides a multi-directional
experience that will immerse you in your music, indoors or out. Three class D
amplifiers power its subwoofer, front and rear facing tweeters, for a sound that’s
brilliantly powerful and clear. In addition, Bluetooth® 5.0 technology allows you to
connect to a variety of wireless devices with a range of 30ft.

Marshall Stockwell 2 BLK BRASS BT Speaker

SKU: OZ1468
R4 699,00Price
  • Echoing the legacy of rock ‘n’ roll, Stockwell II has a solid metal grille that pays homage to the steel mesh grille found on many microphones and a guitar inspired carry strap for easy portability. Its roadworthy construction with silicone exterior and IPX4 water-resistant rating make it extremely rugged and durable. Take it with you wherever the long road leads.

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