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November 14, 2015

Moving an iTunes Library With an External Hard Drive


Q. Is it possible to back up just my iTunes audio library to an external drive that I can then detach and connect to another computer to play?A. As long as you have an external hard drive large enough to hold your iTunes collection, you can back it up there and use it with another computer. To make sure you get all the tracks in your library in one place for copying, have iTunes consolidate all your files into its iTunes Media folder; if you have been using iTunes for several years, this may be called the iTunes Music folder instead.

To find your iTunes folder in the default location on a Mac, go to your Home folder and look inside the Music folder; on a computer running Windows 7 and later, go to your user folder then open My Music to see the iTunes folder. If you moved the folder elsewhere at some point and cannot remember where, open iTunes, go to the Preferences box (found under the iTunes menu on a Mac or under the Edit menu on the PC version) and click the Advanced tab to see the folder location listed.

Once you find the folder on the computer, quit the iTunes program and drag the iTunes folder to the external hard drive. Wait for all the files to copy over before you disconnect the drive.

After you connect the external drive to the other computer, hold down the Option key on a Mac or the Shift key in Windows as you start the iTunes program. When the Choose iTunes Library box pops up, click the Choose Library button and navigate to the iTunes folder on the external drive. You should then see your music files displayed in the iTunes window.

If you plan to move the external drive between copies of iTunes running on a Windows-based computer and on a Mac, make sure the drive is set up in a format like exFAT that works with both systems. And if your iTunes library contains copyright-protected songs bought from the Apple iTunes Store, you will need to authorize the other computer to play the files.

Removing Results From Google Search

Q. How do I ask Google to stop showing pages with information and photos about me in search results?

A. Google recommends that if you want a certain web page or photos taken down, you should first contact the webmaster or site owner to request that the items be removed from public view. Even if Google stopped linking to the material in question, other search engines could still display it in their results because the original source would still be found online.

As protection against identity theft, Google removes certain types of personal information from its search results upon request, including images that clearly show Social Security numbers, bank account and credit card digits, and photos of handwritten signatures. The company says it does not remove links to information that is publicly available, like a home address found in online directories.

The site will also remove search-results links to nude photos and sexually explicit images uploaded without your consent, as well as any photos depicting the sexual abuse of children. The company has a standard set of removal policies posted on its site. If you are a copyright holder and submit a legitimate legal request, Google will also remove links to posted content that violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Google has links to forms to remove information as well as outdated content. Copyright holders taking action can use the Legal Removal Requests page.

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